Massive Price Drop On All Waldorf Music Eurorack Modules!

Massive price drop on all Waldorf Music Eurorack modules (nw1 wavetable oscillator, VCF1, DVCA1, CMP1 compressor & mod1 modulator) for limited time!

Good news for all Eurorack users. has announced a massive price drop on all Waldorf Music Eurorack modules. For limited time, you can grab each module for only 199€ what is near a 50% OFF discount. If you have interest to expand your Eurorack case with affordable modules, these modules can be perfect for you.

Waldorf nw1 Wavetable Eurorack Oscillator

The Waldorf nw1 Eurorack Wavetable Synthesizer Module is Waldorf’s debut product for the popular Eurorack format. It includes an advanced wavetable engine with independent control of spectral envelope and noisiness – exactly like the Nave.

Waldorf mod1 Modulator Eurorack Module

The Waldorf MOD1 module combines three different modulation sources in one module and is therefore the ideal control center for modular synthesizers. From a simple envelope and an LFO to complex recurring multi-stage curves, the MOD1 offers endless modulation possibilities in the modular system.

Waldorf VCF1 Eurorack Module



The Waldorf VCF1 is an analog filter module with integrated distortion for modular synthesizers in Eurorack format. It brings the sound and functionality of Waldorf products Rocket and 2-Pole into the Eurorack. As a special feature, the VCF1 has, in addition to the pure 12 dB / octave filter function, an experimentally designed distortion preamplifier that adds interesting to brutal harmonic structures to the input signal. Two audio inputs, one CV input for resonance and two CV inputs for cutoff are available as inputs. 

Waldorf DVCA1 Eurorack Module

Waldorf DVCA1 is a Twin VCA module for modular synthesizers and offers many options to color the signal musically. The starting point is the’Dry Mode’, with its precise analog amplification.

Waldorf CMP1 Analog Compressor Module

The Waldorf Eurorack modules are now available for 199€ each from

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